Beats has recently launched a bold new product – the Beats X Wireless Earphone. The company has crafted a new pair of musically inclined in-ear for everyone, instead of sticking to bass-heavy workout earbuds or wildly expensive over-ears. The company said that the new earphones borrows many features from its predecessor – including but not limited to the flat, no-tangle cable and stellar compatible with IOS devices. While it has own niche one of the first balanced pair of headphones from the low-end loving company.

Beats X Wireless Earphone

The headphone had taken one of three designs. They are either fully wired in-ears that connect the drivers to a 3.5 mm jack, two fully wireless earplugs that connect to one another through Bluetooth or the two earbuds, which connected via a cable that wraps behind your neck. The Beats X comes into the last category.

The in-line controls here are just the way as we like the most: basic but effective. Users can use in-line controls to raise and lower the volume, pause the music, skip tracks and rewinds. There is also a built-in microphone that user can use to make phone calls. The earphone has water resistant, but not the fully waterproof.

The impressive thing is that this headphone does not leak sounds. And it can also be used to field calls and pull up Siri. Beasts X makes the surprisingly easier to answer the calls with one click on the in-line remote and two clicks to hand up.

The earphone has a powerful battery that lasts up to 8 hours of usage and it also supports the quick charge technology. The quick charging feature worked exactly as expected, providing roughly a 25 percent charge in just five minutes or less. The headphone comes in four color options: black, white, gray and blue. The pair of black headphone might makes the most sense given the amount of sweat, dust and dirt they are likely to attract in your bag.