A firm that makes Vespa scooter has revealed a new 2-wheeled model – but this vehicle isn’t designed to transport humans.

Made by the Italian company Boston Fast Forward Research and Development lab, Gita is a robot cargo carrier that’s capable of hauling up to 18 kilogram of goods follow a person or while roll autonomously in an environment it has already mapped. It’s fast enough to keep up with you on a bike, and its zero turning radius promises the ‘human agility’ needed to navigate sidewalks.


Gita Cargo Robot

Gita Cargo Robot Design

This cargo robot is basically looks like a carbon fiber that take on the exercise ball, as well as multiple cameras embedded within its shell. It moving autonomously through a mapped environment, or following a human operator. It can run for about eight hours of continuous use, the manufacturer said. If you do not like the idea of driving a car or pushing a dolly just to get your groceries home, this might be just what you were looking for. The Gita Cargo Robot is only 26″ tall, and can carry up to 40 pounds at a time and has a max speed of 22mph, meaning that it can keep up with a person on foot or riding a bike.

Gita Cargo Robot Features

It uses an ultrasonic range finder that simply detect hurdles and has 4 fish-eye cameras that provide 360° views. Gita cargo robot self-balances using drive wheels as well as linear motion of its own battery to compensate when this robot accelerates. It interact with users in three ways: through a touchscreen interface, lights, and sound.

Gita Cargo Robot Price

The setup requires users to wear a device on their belt. Pricing has not been announced yet, and Gita cargo robot will start with B2B trails before it is offered to consumers. It’s launching this week with tests planned for the next few months in campus-like environments.