Last year, the Google launched its own wallpaper app almost for all android devices, touted as the Google Wallpaper App. The app is compatible with devices, which is running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and above, up to Nougat OS. And for the latest generation Nougat operating system, it already has exclusive and some advanced features. But now the company makes its app the sweeter by adding some more new features and wallpapers.

Google Wallpaper App

The Google Wallpaper App updated versions include many new and unique features, including UI improvements, bug fixes, and more new wallpapers. When you open the app, there are five categories in which you select wallpaper by your choice. The categories are: Earth, Landscapes, Citiscapes, Life, and the last one is Textures.

In Earth category, there are 18 satellite pictures from Google Earth, 96 wallpapers from Google+ in Landscapes category, 58 pictures in Citiscapes, 49 in Life, and 48 photos in Texture category. There is a daily wallpaper function as well, which will let allow the app to give new wallpaper in every day from each category. Or if you want to mix images from different categories, so you can do it by the daily rotation features.

Google Wallpaper App PREVIEW

What I like most about the Google Wallpaper App is that it will allow you to set different images for your lock and home screens. You can also set your own picture in home and lock screen instead of the pictures provided by the app, but keep in mind, your photo does not include in daily rotation. Furthermore, the app will also let you set a photo from other wallpaper apps.

The Google Wallpaper App is easy-to-use and has a size of 2.3 MB just. If you are interested, you can download the app from Google Play Store.