Last month, ColorWare announced that they may be already accepting orders to customise AirPods. Prior to this declaration, you could handiest get the AirPods in a stock white coloration; that’s similar to anybody else who owns a couple. ColorWare has modified this belief by introducing the idea of custom painting those earphones.

On the ColorWare’s website, you can customize both the right and left earbud to whatever of the 58 colors you desire. The two buds don’t have to match each other. You may also pick what sort of finish you need implemented to the AirPods, with glossy and matte to be had .ColorWare is presenting a range of colours, together with Jet Black to go along with the Jet Black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, a variety of reds, oranges, vegetables, blue, pinks, and grays. you can pick out among either stable colorings or metallic.

The full package deal comes in at almost double the value of a regular pair of white AirPods. ColorWare defends the price factor, announcing the portray technique is extraordinarily difficult. whether the firm completely disassembles every AirPod earlier than portray is uncertain, however a teardown closing yr revealed the device consists of a huge amount of adhesive that holds inner additives together.

The pricing starts at $289 for personalization of the two earbuds. If you want to customise the color of the case, you will must tack a further $30 onto that price for a total of $319. Each of those prices are which include the AirPods. At this factor, it doesn’t seem that you may ship on your modern-day AirPods for painting, but rather handiest buy AirPods and painting via ColorWare.

The company says that it takes about 6 weeks to process the order and as of writing, ColorWare is showing the custom designed AirPods as out of stock — apparently there’s a great quantity of folks who want custom AirPods irrespective of the cost. Apple might be paying attention. It’s a secure wager Apple will quickly provide the AirPods in special colour options.