Asus, today they announced the latest motherboards of 5th generation which is called ‘the series – 9’ and with Intel core processors.

Asus 9 Series


Users keen to take advantage of the power of the latest 5th-generation Intel Core processors can visit ASUS, U.E.F.I  BIOS version today. The following ASUS 9 Series motherboards can be updated for compatibility with the latest Intel CPU’s.

ASUS BIOS updates are available immediately worldwide.

Intel 5th Gen (Broad-Well)  CPU support is here (even if the L.G.A chips aren’t quite yet), but it’s good to be ready for your upgrade! Here’s the list of BIOS’ for 9 series motherboards and you can use E.Z Flash 2 in the BIOS, USB BIOS Flashback or the Windows BIOS update tool within AI Suite III to do it.ASUS 9 Series motherboards that include the renowned ASUS USB BIOS Flashback feature enable users to apply U.E.F.I BIOS updates with incredible ease. This innovative tool downloads the latest BIOS to a USB flash drive, enabling users to update the award-winning ASUS U.E.F.I BIOS quickly and easily. The motherboard does not even need to have a CPU or D-RAM modules in place: users can simply connect the power supply, plug in their USB drive, press the USB BIOS Flashback or Reset button and then sit back and wait – there’s nothing else to do.With 9-series motherboards syncing to the bevvy of new, enthusiast-grade Haswell-refresh CPU’s, such as the Pentium Anniversary Edition and ‘Devil’s Canyon’, this news gives PC enthusiasts the confidence to buy a new 9-series motherboard with the knowledge the drop-in upgrade in 2015 will be compatible (assuming an annual upgrade cycle). ASUS, T.U.F and R.O.G have a full selection of 9-series motherboards lined up, with specific announcements due soon (trust me, good things come to those who wait!) Existing ASUS, T.U.F and R.O.G Z-87 (and other 8-series) motherboards already have BIOS’ available for Haswell refresh.