If you’re one of the millions of people that have had that light bulb moment and thought about designing an app, you are on your way to potential success and a sizeable paycheck. But there is a lot that goes along with having a great app idea. It’s true that there are millions of dollars to be made in the mobile app industry, especially since consumers are buying more apps now than ever before. It is difficult to build and design and develop an award-winning app all alone, however — in fact, if you go lone wolf, it’s a complete crap shoot as to whether your app will win in the end. But if you trust a mobile app development company to help you get your idea off the ground, you will be much more likely to succeed in the cutthroat mobile app world.

Game Changing App

The truth is that independent developers have had it rough of late. Jared Sinclair, who created a popular RSS reader app called Unread, states that after about a year’s work on the app full-time, he collected $40,000, which might seem like a lot, until you realize that a programmer with a salary can routinely double that income, and that comes with extra goodies like health insurance and vacation. Marco Arment, pretty well known as the creator of the Instapaper app, talks about app sustainability and what he calls app rot. He also cites other solo app developers who are also finding it a tough road. What exactly does this mean for you and your app idea?

It means that if you go it alone, you’ll be mired down with all the rote, minute details that come along with app development and it means you’ll be doing all the work yourself. Conversely, if you partner upwith a mobile app development company, they can help you with the design, the wireframing, the storyboarding, and they will operate like your own private think tank, helping you leap the typical UI and UX hurdles that come with developing any new software.

A premium company will help you with the research; after all, you’ll need to find out whether there are other apps doing the same thing, identify design inspiration for your app, look into technical requirements, and inform you how you can market and monetize your app.

There are more than 1 million apps out there for Android and iOS alone, so putting something together that hasn’t been done before is tough. Nonetheless, you must not get discouraged by those who are playing in the same league. It is vital that put your trust in a company who can take care of the technical details, so you focus on user acquisition.

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