Biostar finished 2015 with the arrival of not one, but rather three new motherboards for the Z170, H170 and B150 chipsets as a feature of its fresh out of the plastic new “Dashing” arrangement, so appropriately named because of the checkered banner example that rules the board.


Different elements for the new motherboards incorporate what Biostar calls Racing Input/Output Armor, which secures the Input/Output port and different parts on the board from both static and dust. Driven lights are likewise included, with the choice to join extra LED strips straight to the motherboard a 5050 header is required for the strips.


The greater part of the lighting can be controlled with the Vivid LED DJ programming. The organization likewise included a GT Touch highlight, which permits you to change the board’s general execution. Sports Mode gives a help in execution, which ought to be valuable for exceptional gaming sessions, while Eco Mode puts an emphasis on lessening the motherboard’s general vitality utilization. Before Biostar’s series of motherboards, Asus has released its motherboards’ series 9.


There’s likewise the Dual BIOS innovation, which Biostar said guarantees recuperation if the fundamental BIOS comes up short. This disposes of the requirement for you to give back the equipment back to the industrial facility in the case of a defilement or disappointment issue, or if nothing else Biostar trusts.

Biostar is for the most part known as a financial plan producer, however they utilize some brilliant segments as these new motherboards likewise demonstrate. They accompany Super Durable Ferrite gags for amazing force conveyance to crucial segments, Super Durable Solid Caps for more enduring execution, and DUAL BIOS that ensures strong motherboard operation if the BIOS ought to fall flat.

Each of the three accompany Intel LAN and the stockpiling choices incorporate the new and speedier SATA-Express and PCI-e M.2 openings for use with the freshest stockpiling drives available. Because these sheets don’t come in the HiFi arrangement, doesn’t imply that the Racing arrangement doesn’t have great sound segments and they likewise accompany Biostar’s mark HI-FI sound experience. The motherboards highlight an I/O Armor to give the framework a superior look furthermore accompanies adjustable LED impacts.

You extend your case and expand the lighting capacities on account of the locally available 5050-header for LED strips and afterward control it by means of the included VIVID LED DJ. Other than what I’ve as of now said, you get another 100 arrangement motherboard with the components this brings along, for example, a lot of USB associations from 2.0 to 3.1, Intel i217 LAN, a lot of capacity availability, and four DDR4 DIMM spaces alongside Biostar’s BIO-Remote 2 and online BIOS upgrade works that both are amazingly valuable.

Biostar did not give a precise discharge date or cost for any of the motherboards, just expressing that it will be accessible “soon.”