Thermaltake new Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler is the latest air cooling solution for small form factor applications is now available on the market. The Engine 27 features an advanced thermal cooling methodology wherein it balances performance with acoustics and size.

Thermaltake new Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler Specs:

The Engine 27 offers an excellent balance between performance, size and acoustics with the low-profile design, with the most advanced thermal techniques. Unlike traditional CPU coolers, the Engine 27 is designed with a 27mm height and a compact size 60mm fan that is the ideal choice for any slim systems and only weighs 310 gram. Moreover, with metallic (aluminum alloy) fan structure and the built-in PWM fan. The Engine 27 guarantees extremely low noise level without compromising on cooling performance!


Thermaltake Engine 27

Furthermore, the metallic fan base features small radial gaps that enable heat to be transferred quickly to the fan itself. This means that heat is more easily offloaded to the moving air generated by the fan. And improving cooling performance in the process.

Thermaltake new Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler Features:

The cooler is ideal for 1U servers, HTPCs and other small form factor builds. The new Engine 27 promises exceptional cooling performance and silent operation despite its size.

Not only that, the Engine 27 1U employs a metallic (aluminium alloy) fan structure. And the built-in PWM fan can detect thermal loads and also adjust the RPM curve to find a good balance between the thermal dissipation and noise output. More specifically, this fan has a range between 1500-2500RPM with an acoustical noise rating of 13-25dBA. On another note, this product delivers up to 70W of thermal cooling and has an airflow rating of 9.2 CFM. Thermaltake’s creation uses thte small radical gaps and a sufficiently larger fin overlap between the stationary and rotating fins to enhance heat transfer.

The cooler will work Intel’s LGA 1156/1155/1150/1151 platforms. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding price yet.