Choose an SEO company or SEO reseller that uses good SEO to increase your Google rankings and sales and improve users’ experiences while decreasing costs. Before choosing an SEO company, define your company goals and budget and research and meet with prospective companies.

Company Goals and Budget

Your company goals should be specific. For example, identify the sales targets, bounce rate reductions, conversions, and content creation targets for a specific time period.

SEO is a long-term process, so determine what you can afford and your preferred payment method. For example, will you pay a monthly minimum, per-hour rate or percentage of your increased revenue?

Initial Research

Seek referrals from long-term customers within your industry. Conduct a Google search and read the company reviews.

Analyze the companies’ website usability and load rates. They should be unique and suggest novel strategies. Review the list of companies they have worked within the past. Ask at least three of these references how progress was charted, as well as their key performance indicators, conversion rates, communications and how well the company delivered on its promises.

Finally, check the Better Business Bureau for outstanding complaints.

Consultations or Meetings

During these meetings, review the companies’ goal alignment in addition to their services and pricing. Ask about their greatest successes and failures and client interactions. Learn about their backgrounds, how they overcame challenges and changed over time.

Inquire about the firms’ technical and personnel resources and how they will be used to meet or exceed your goals. For example, how will they track progress, decide what keywords to target and use links to build your ranking? Also, learn whether the firms outsource any of their services.

Have they made contributions to the industry, and how do they stay current in the field?

Finally, request at least five references and examples of their links and content. Seek a firm that prioritizes both content quality and quantity.

After you have determined your goals and budget, conduct extensive research on your prospective SEO companies. Then, meet with several companies and potential SEO teams prior to making your decision.