A network map is a detailed view of your network. A good tool will show you the IP addresses, Layer 1 to 3 connections, and the type of network devices on your network. It should also include the ability to drill down and capture more data. 

network mapping


Network mapping software can help companies create a better understanding of the network they are operating. It can help identify where network devices are located and how many devices are connected to the network. It can also help design BYOD policies for employees. IT executives can make the right decisions and improve security with the data it provides. Creating a network map will also help you understand the interactions among network devices. This will allow you to spot suspicious links and identify problems quickly. Furthermore, this kind of software provides live feedback on all devices connected to the network. That helps IT personnel identify unknown devices in less time. Additionally, it can pinpoint potential bottlenecks and over-provisioning. The best network mapping software benefits internet service providers and corporations with complex networks. The software is highly customizable and can track changes in real-time. You can generate a map of your entire network with a few clicks. You can also schedule periodic scans to get network maps instantly.


Network mapping software is a tool that creates a visual representation of your network and devices. It allows you to see how many devices are connected, where they are located, and how many other networks are connected to yours. The software can also create reports relevant to your network’s health and function. Previously, network administrators had to manually generate network maps or charts that showed all the devices connected to their network. These charts would need to be updated whenever new devices or networks were added. Today, network mapping software can automatically discover the network topology and build a visual representation of it for you. Network mapping software also helps you create maps that show the location of servers and other essential devices. With this type of software, you can see the area of all devices on your network and embed them into real-world locations. The software can also plot devices automatically from a CSV file, allowing you to see the exact location of every device on your network. In addition, you can import and export your network equipment.


A good network mapping software can help you determine how many devices your employees connect to your network and where they are located. This information is invaluable when drafting BYOD policies. You can then use this data to better design the network and ensure it is secure. Network mapping software is inexpensive, and people with little knowledge about networks can use it. Some network mapping software features help you build and document the map. For example, you can use hyperlinks to create asset relationships, and you can use pre-defined network shapes. These tools can also help you generate migration scenarios.  Network mapping software can also help you detect and diagnose problems. With this software, you’ll quickly determine which devices are causing the pain and how they affect the network. This enables you to avoid or stop critical problems before they happen. With this kind of software, you can stay on top of changes in your network and prevent issues that would otherwise result in huge costs and downtime.


Network mapping software enables administrators to create and manage a variety of helpful network maps. It can help administrators view the relationships between network devices and keep an eye out for suspicious connections. It also allows users to visualize various network elements and monitor changes in topology in real-time. Whether your network is large or small, network mapping software can help you keep track of your network’s topology. Network mapping software can help businesses develop more secure networks. It provides information that helps IT security teams implement zero-trust policies, limit access to specific users, and monitor access to sensitive data. It can also help create better network designs that accommodate innovative connectivity principles. By using network mapping software, you can improve the security of your network while keeping it up-to-date and efficient. A network map displays network data by creating a tree-like representation of network nodes. The nodes represent device groups and connections. Network mapping software also provides geometric primitives, allowing users to view network data on a map. The software can display the current state of all network sensors as statistic markers on a map. The software allows users to create multiple maps to see different aspects of the network.