If you ride a motorcycle or scooter, at some point, you’re likely going to need to replace the battery. This is a fairly common problem, especially given the fact that batteries aren’t designed to last the life of your vehicle. Of course, finding quality motorcycle or scooter batteries can help ensure you’ll get a longer life expectancy from the battery, which means more riding time.

Batteries for Your Motorcycle

How to Tell if You Need a New Battery

Sometimes, all you have to do is take a look at the battery and you know you need to replace it. For example, if a post is broken or the battery casing is bulging or cracked, it’s definitely time to get a new battery.

Other times, it might not be so obvious. If you’re not sure, you can take a voltage reading in order to get a better understanding of the condition of your battery. If it’s lower than 10.5 volts when it’s being charged, you likely have a dead cell. When the battery is fully charged, you should get a voltage reading of 12.7 to 13.2 volts. If a fully charged battery is reading less than 12.4 volts, your battery is sulfated. The degree of sulfation will depend on how long the battery has been left in this condition. One thing is certain, it’s never going to give you the dependability you need. It’s time to get a new battery.

Remove the Old Battery

Never remove a battery while your motorcycle or scooter is running. When removing the battery, always remove the negative cable first, then the positive cable. When installing your new battery, be sure to reverse the order. You should connect the positive cable, then the negative. It is extremely important that you make sure that your battery cables are attached to the correct terminals. Reversing the cables could result in serious damage to your bike’s electrical system or even cause the battery to explode.

Choose the Right Size for Your Scooter or Motorcycle Replacement Batteries

In order to determine the correct size for your replacement battery, there are a few things you’ll need to find out. For example, you’ll need to know the cold cranking amps or CCA of your motorcycle or scooter. You’ll also need to know the length, height and width of the space where your battery needs to fit.

Many companies, including BatteryWholesale.com offer a wide range of batteries to fit in everything from a mobility scooter to a motorcycle, lawn mower or bicycle. If you don’t know what size replacement battery to order, be sure to ask.