Amazon has rolled out a new interface for its Amazon Fire TV and will introduce the new design to the Fire TV Stick and first-generation Amazon Fire TV early in the new year.


The old interface had a side menu with a long list of sometimes-redundant options, including Search, Home, Movies, TV, Watchlist, Prime Video, and Video Library alongside other categorical options like Recent and Prime Originals and Exclusives.

While the new interface looks a little bit like a Netflix. The new UI comes with a cleaner, fresher looks that makes it simpler to get to the content and apps you use most. The menu now sits on top, and featured shows now have plenty of space above the gird of shows and apps. Featured shows will rotate in a carousel with images, video snippets and trailers running in the background.

Improvements that arrive with the Update include:

New Home Screen

The top of the screen now features a cinematic feature rotator. That basically shows popular and selected content front and center.

Customisable Apps

User can now customize app rows to show the main application which user wants to access. Simply pin content to a new “My Apps and Games” row on the home page.

Content Detail Page

When you click through to a show or movie, you will now see all the relevant details about the content in an interface. And it will also give you the option of where to view, rent or buy the content.

Universal Search

Voice search now works with Netflix as well as Amazon’s own services. It is a cross app service so you only need to ask for the content and it will find it.

Other Improvements

There are some accessibility improvements also be added. Like VoiceView screen reader function now able to be altered to change reading speed and speech volume. VoiceView will speak details about selected items, such as rating, length and description.