In the recent years, smartphones have taken the center stage in our lives and millions of people in the world own one. Masses are hooked on the apps, touchscreens, and the different smartphone features that are being improved and developed on a daily basis. Smartphone development companies are fighting for the top spot and in doing so have revolutionized the smartphone industry to a whole new level. We now have smartphones that we never imagined before. Companies such as Samsung and Apple have given us the likes of iPhone 7 and the Samsung galaxy note 7 brands that have super specifications such as the 4k video cameras, mega memory and other special features like we’ve never seen before. Western union gives more information on these technologies and gives great discounts on purchase.

The future of smartphones

What is the future of smartphones? With the tremendous technology in the industry, one is left to wonder what the future of smartphone is. Smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung are coming up with super brands each year. Other companies such as Nokia and Techno are not lying and are doing everything to catch up and beat their competition. We already have smartphones with bendy screens. These phones can be controlled by bending and twisting.

Another future prospect is that of self-powered phones. These are phones that can power themselves when battery dies. Research on this is already underway and it is almost a reality. The Near field communications commonly abbreviated as NFC is already in use. This is where chips in some smartphones allow contactless communication between two devices and is more advantageous compared to Bluetooth and other inbuilt applications. In countries like Japan who are leading the way in the NFC technology, people can now use their smartphones as hotel keys, airport boarding passes, payment cards and many more. Western Union offers great information and discounts on these and many more devices.